The following list of the Club's recently completed trips provides examples of the variety of activities undertaken by the Idlers 4WD Club.

Trip destinations and durations vary, ranging from one day events near Melbourne, mid week base camps in Victoria, to outback adventures across Australia spanning a number of weeks.

Idlers are active in community works for Parks Vic and participate in rural flood and fire reclamation work when needs arise.

A 4WD drive familiarisation camp is run regularly for the benefit of new members to four wheel driving and more advanced instruction sessions are designed to enhance trip leadership skills.

Members may also attend subsidised first aid courses (Level 2) which provide vital knowledge and practical learning in life support.

As well as these activities, Idlers enjoy monthly social outings to a variety of lunch spots and places of interest.

Non members wishing more information should contact our Trip Co-ordinator.
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Depart: 02-Nov-2018 and Return: 06-Nov-2018

Jerusalem Creek Campground Maintenance

Depart: 28-Oct-2018 and Return: 02-Nov-2018

Spirit of the Murray 7, Base camp at Milang Lakeside Caravan Park.

Depart: 21-Oct-2018 and Return: 28-Oct-2018

Silo Run

Depart: 14-Oct-2018 and Return: 18-Oct-2018

Riesling and Rattler Trails

Depart: 13-Oct-2018 and Return: 21-Oct-2018

Mt Ive Station, Gawler Ranges, Goog’s Track, Old Andado.

Depart: 27-Jul-2018 and Return: 18-Aug-2018

Melbourne Water - Eastern Treatment Plant.

Depart: 25-Jun-2018 and Return: 25-Jun-2018

Farina Dawn Service and SA station stays

Depart: 23-Apr-2018 and Return: 07-May-2018